Kamikaze Collection Water Spot Remover 250ml

Kamikaze Collection Water Spot Remover 250ml


Unsightly white water spots ruin the appearance of a vehicle. Caused by minerals and compounds found in ordinary tap water, the chalky residue can be difficult to remove without damaging the underlying surface. Left in-situ they can bake onto and etch into the surface, at which point they require machine polishing to remove. It is, therefore, vital to ensure deposits are dealt with quickly before the damage becomes more permanent. The key is to remove the deposits using a process that will not compromise the underlying clear coat or ceramic sealant.

To resolve this issue, Kamikaze Collection has developed Anti-Ageing Water Spot Remover. Formulated without the use of heavy cleaners or surfactants, Anti-Ageing Water Spot Remover can be used on untreated automotive surfaces and will not damage any underlying ceramic sealant.

Features & Benefits:

Removes new water spot deposits without compromising ceramic sealants

Does not contain heavy cleaners or surfactants

Enables quick & easy maintenance of the vehicle's surface

Easy to use formulation

Directions for use:

Apply to a soft clean microfibre

Wipe over the marks using light pressure

Fold microfibre & buff with fresh side

Gloves must be worn at all times

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