Microfiber Madness Detailing Outlaws T-paita

Microfiber Madness Detailing Outlaws T-paita

  • Microfiber Madness Detailing Outlaws T-paita
  • Microfiber Madness Detailing Outlaws T-paita

Microfiber Madness Detailing Outlaws hyväntekeväisyys T-paita.

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Microfiber Madness "Detailing Outlaws" Charity Campaign

Lot of text but worth to read!!!

As announced, we proudly release in a few days our brand new Microfiber Madness Detailing Outlaws T-Shirt. Dedicated to all the enthusiastic detailers and car care hobbyists all over the world, who are working hard to bring any car in any condition back to life! Compared with the common sense of "detailing", we are all some kind of "outlaws" because we only have one goal: Perfection - whatever it takes! Often we wish that more people realize what we do and start to honor and respect our efforts. We know many car owners out there dont understand why you do different and why your work has such a high value. So this shirt is for you: For our Detailing Outlaws without limits!

When we decided to make this shirt, we started to think about a charity project. We had this in mind for a long time but never had a good idea. With this shirt we said "NOW OR NEVER!" and we thought about the privileges we and our customers have. We can do what we love: We can create products, we can work on the most expensive cars and sometimes even drive them. We work for wealthy people who often have everything. All of these are real privileges other people sometimes dont have. They cannot do what they want to do because they are ill and maybe they need help for a lifetime. So we decided to start a charity and find some way to help people who maybe never get a chance to do what they always wanted to do.

After some research, we found the world wide charity project "Make a wish". It is a non profit organisation who is making wishes come true for children with life-threatening medical conditions. They try to make everything possible, from a meet and greet with an athlete or superstar, traveling to countries the kids always wanted to see or even simply make a gift with a new computer. Overall, it is not only about granting wishes! It is proven, that the kids and finally the whole family gains strength and optimism when wishes come true.

And even if we are just a tiny piece in this story: We love the idea behind "Make a wish" and we have been so happy reading about all these wishes coming true, that we wanted to be a part of it and donate our charity returns of the "Detailing Outlaws" shirt! In fact it goes this way: The shirt will be offered for a MSRP of 15 € / aprox 17 USD inlcluding VAT (prices may vary in different countries). Because anyone who was involved in creating this shirt, including the printing company and even our graphic designer, lowered their bill to decrease the costs, we are able to donate 5 € / ~ 5,70 USD of each sold shirt for "Make a wish"! Not enough: because merchandising often sells slow, we decided to add the same amount from Microfiber Madness, when the donation is done. So for example we sell 100 shirts, your donation is 500 EURO, so we will double it to 1000 € in total! Just for the record: The shirt is a 100% non profit product for us. We are collecting sales until december 2016 so we can announce the full amount arround Xmas. We will update you here on Facebook from time to time to keep you informed.

We hope you like the idea behind and you understand, why we decided for this charity project. For sure, there are thousands of others and we discussed for sure about them. We first wanted to make a survey and let our customers decide - but at the end, this seems unfair because there would be only one "winner" - and that feels not right in our opinion. So we did the decision for ONE project.

It would be glad if you like our shirt AND the idea behind! We would be happy if you spend your money for it and wear it with pride! Watchout for the shirt in the next weeks at your"Authorized Microfiber Madness Dealer"!

Microfiber Madness, Germany

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